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Built by pharmacists, for pharmacists

Since its conception in 2005, DocuScripts has been a collaboration between our development team and our customers.  Our very first customer helped us design a comprehensive paperless pharmacy solution.

DocuScripts 4.0 was released in 2006 with the core functionality our customer needed: workflow, communication, and automatic Indexing.  We set out with the following objectives:

  • Remove Paper in the Pharmacy
  • Help Prevent Medication Errors
  • Reduce the amount of time to:
    • Process an Order
    • Resolve Clarifications and Errors
  • Provide a Flexible Workflow tool for Pharmacists
  • Integrate with your Current Processes, Departments and Systems
  • Eliminate Phone Calls
  • Effectively Communicate with Caregivers about Deficient Orders
  • Report on Order Volumes, Pharmacist Productivity, Order Deficiencies, and more
  • Escalate Orders that have Exceeded Time Limits
  • Provide a Comprehensive Electronic Audit Trail for All Orders
  • Reduce Costs from Paper-based Processes

With the introduction of Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), we discovered additional objectives:

  • Consolidate Paper and CPOE Orders in 1 System
  • Provide a Backup Solution for CPOE Downtime

In January of 2012, we released DocuScripts version 5.0 with over 60 added features, functions, and software enhancements, including new web-based reporting and tracking.

March of 2015 brought version 5.42, with a fully web-based nursing client, new image capture automation tools, and secure remote uploading technology.  This allows organizations to send medication orders to remote pharmacists and communicate with remote pharmacists without the cost and complexity of setting up Virtual Private Networks (VPN).  Facilities can now easily join into the solution with minimal IT costs.

Every new customer brings new ideas that we incorporate into our software, making it a better product that adapts to the ever-changing pharmacy environment.